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Investment Philosophy

Investment Strategy
Polestar believes that the rapid growth phase experienced by successful new companies offers the most significant opportunity for capital appreciation and wealth creation. Among early-stage companies, Polestar selectively invests in organizations that meet specific criteria relating to market size, duration from exit, and potential multiple on capital invested. Significant emphasis is also focused on selecting only seasoned management teams with track records that demonstrate operational and managerial excellence.

Polestar targets companies that develop technological or Internet related products or services. Specifically, this will include software firms, Internet infrastructure providers, information technology enablers, wireless application providers, e-commerce enablers, hardware developers and other entities looking to profit from the "new economy".

Early-stage companies require more than just financial support. As active investors, Polestar has become a trusted ally leading portfolio companies through tasks as varied as developing stock option plans, locating and hiring key executives, pursuing and formalizing strategic alliances or entering the public markets. This level of experience is unique among minority-focused venture firms and is a critical component to maximizing the value of Polestar's investments.

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